The story

Shortly after Noel Cunningham moved to Denver, he discovered that the cost to feed breakfast to a child living in one of Denver's homeless shelters was $0.25.  The notion that such a small amount of change could make such a difference motivated him to start the Quarters for Kids campaign.

Noel believed that the best people to help raise money to feed homeless children were other children.  The premise of this unique campaign always has been to educate elementary and middle school-aged children about the needs of those less fortunate in our community, and let the students decide how they could help.

Over the last two decades, Denver students have proven that they will stand up and make a difference in the lives of local homeless children.  Through many different and creative fundraisers, Denver students have raised almost $500,000, all of which has been given to the Volunteer's of America's Brandon Center and the Catholic Charities for Denver's Samaritan House.

This April marks the 23rd anniversary of Quarters for Kids, and all schools are invited to choose a day, a week, or even the entire month of April to educate students on the current state of hunger and homelessness in Denver, and raise quarters to help feed those children who start their day in a local shelter.